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1 January
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With a life-long love of kink, I have been playing privately for 13 years, and publicly for several years. I have explored several new fetishes since becoming active in the DC-area community, and many of them have become favorites.

After spending the past year or so reconnecting with my submissive side, I still identify as a Sadist, though I am now exploring the side of myself that descends beyond submission into slavery.

In the realm of romantic connections, I have open relationships, and practice what is referred to as "Capricorn Polyamory," which encompasses some very basic and practical tenets; for one thing, I prefer "free range tribe" relationships, where friends and lovers come and go as they please, and everyone is encouraged to proudly and unrepentantly be themselves. Honesty, both with self and others, and communication are of the utmost importance, along with safe sex practices.