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01 March 2010 @ 10:56 am
One last breath  

There is something almost excruciatingly erotic about breath play...to the point where I have achieved orgasm solely through the use of asphyxiation.

It doesn't just come from the physical high of oxygen deprivation, but from the intimacy involved. It is said that choking or suffocating someone is a crime of passion. Breath play, at least, the kind I prefer, is up close and personal. It involves one-on-one contact. A hand (or two!) on my throat, having my mouth and nose covered, being deprived of air while staring into someone's eyes, being put in a choke hold from behind, having the breathing port on a mask simply and sadistically cut off - delicious! Few things are hotter than feeling a Dom's hands squeezing my neck as he kisses me deeply, or being choked while I cum.

I've always enjoyed giving breath play, as well. During a recent scene where a young woman was bound to a table, I was asked to join as a Co-Top. I accepted the offer, and began biting, nibbling, and choking the victim. At one point, my hand closed tightly around her throat, pinning her head to the table, and I could feel her pulse through my fingers. As she started to physically cum, my brain went into a mental orgasm - it was one of the most erotic and intensely animalistic feelings, and before long my teeth sank into the front of her neck, biting and choking like a wolf slaughtering its prey.

To take one last breath before orgasm, one last breath before descending into headspace, one last breath before being claimed...

One last breath, and I'm His. One last breath, and she is Mine.